Anna H.

      I had a son and daughter go to CHUP who did both the 3s and the 4s programs.  And although they are very different people, both entered Kindergarten confidently and excelled in their classrooms.  They made friends quickly, developed a good relationship with their teacher and stayed toward the top of theirContinue reading “Anna H.”

Bethany C.

My family absolutely loved Chup. The teachers were warm and kind, the families were inclusive and supportive and the atmosphere around the school was very positive. There are a million wonderful stories I could share about our experience with Chup, but the most impactful is the love of learning they inspired in my children. ChupContinue reading “Bethany C.”


I was expecting it to be a very hard transition for me to send my son to school. I wasn’t ready to send him on his own, but he was ready to go. We had a wonderful experience from day one. He loved being in the 3’s class and we saw tremendous growth throughout theContinue reading “Jessica”

Nicole K

I’m a stay at home mom, and my child stayed home with me until this year, when he entered into the 4’s class at CHUP. I was a ball of nerves thinking of leaving my child with someone I didn’t know, when he had only previously been babysat by his grandparents. This quickly settled whenContinue reading “Nicole K”


As a mom of a child who graduated from CHUP Preschool I cannot express how happy I was with our experience. CHUP is an extremely welcoming environment for not just the student but for the whole family. I was humbled by the relationships build with the other families. I loved the stress-free learn through playContinue reading “Krista”

CHUP Parent

We are so pleased with this fun and creative introduction to school. The teachers are wonderful and the community of the school is strong. Being able to work in the classroom once a month is a great experience for me as well. I love seeing our little guy in action to see how much he’sContinue reading “CHUP Parent”

A parent

What a great school! The teachers are wonderful and my daughter has really blossomed in the past two years. She also has great friends to play with over the summer.

CHUP Parent

CHUP Preschool offers a wonderful learning enviornment for children. The teachers Margaret Hadley and Lois Gueli are wonderful! All 3 of my children have attended CHUP and I feel that this Preschool gave them a steady foundation to build upon. I would recommend this school to all parents with children ready to enter Preschool. N.H-Continue reading “CHUP Parent”

A Parent

CHUP preschool has been amazing for our daughter. This is our second year there and we will be back with our youngest child as well. The teachers are outstanding at what they do. I love being a co-op mom and helping out in the classroom. It’s important to spend that time with your child. AContinue reading “A Parent”

A Very Pleased parent

We have been so impressed with the quality of experiences both we and our son are experiencing through CHUP.  The teachers are wonderful at prioritizing the growth of the children, while supporting parents.  We’ve seen our son grow in leaps and bounds, and feel more confident as parents, too.  As a teacher myself, the focusContinue reading “A Very Pleased parent”