Anna H.

      I had a son and daughter go to CHUP who did both the 3s and the 4s programs.  And although they are very different people, both entered Kindergarten confidently and excelled in their classrooms.  They made friends quickly, developed a good relationship with their teacher and stayed toward the top of their class academically.  Their personal strengths were nurtured at CHUP as well.  This meant that by the middle of Kindergarten my son started moving into the 1st grade class for reading (now in 2nd grade he goes to 3rd grade for both reading and math).  My daughter who excels socially has been commended for her ability to mediate conflict amongst classmates, something she definitely learned at CHUP, and is also reading now half way through her Kindergarten year.  The pre-math skills they learned at CHUP also meant that many of the tasks and activities they did in the first half of Kindergarten were familiar to them even if not completely mastered yet.
      My son completed the 4s program prior to the extension of the day and addition of lunch, and he did struggle moving a bit into a full day program for awhile.  This worked itself out eventually, but we were pleased to see our daughter have less of a struggle with that – something I attribute to those changes in the 4s program.  She had the practice of eating lunch at school as well, which was very helpful.  I think this ability for parents to input into the program and for the program to make minor shifts while remaining true to its core of learning through play, is amazing!  My children never struggle to have ideas or questions, and their teachers consistently report that they are eager to learn.  CHUP prepared them to work independently and was an amazing launch pad for elementary school.
      Besides my children’s experiences, my own experience as a CHUP parent prepared me to be involved in my children’s education.  Working with other parents to fundraise, or chatting with teachers about possible field trips, or the principal about wider school policy does not feel foreign to me at all, because I was encouraged to do those things at CHUP.  Parents are the most important factor in a child’s education and I’m so thankful that CHUP taught me ways of being involved that would benefit both my child and their school community.

Bethany C.

My family absolutely loved Chup. The teachers were warm and kind, the families were inclusive and supportive and the atmosphere around the school was very positive. There are a million wonderful stories I could share about our experience with Chup, but the most impactful is the love of learning they inspired in my children. Chup preschool felt like home to my family. My children were confident when they went to school each day knowing they were with people who cared for them. They loved to play and learn and sing with their friends, discover new things with the help and guidance of the teachers and parents. When it came time for them to enter Kindergarten, my children were never afraid of the first day. They knew school was a fun and safe place for them and they were eager to get to school and begin the next step in their educational journey. Chup prepared my children well to enter elementary school, my children were both placed in advanced reading and math groups upon entering kindergarten and have been very successful in their educational development.


I was expecting it to be a very hard transition for me to send my son to school. I wasn’t ready to send him on his own, but he was ready to go. We had a wonderful experience from day one. He loved being in the 3’s class and we saw tremendous growth throughout the year. He is currently in the 4’s program this year and we are just as pleased. He loves to attend school and I like that I am able to be so involved with his experience. CHUP offers a play-based environment that meets the children’s needs both socially and academically. I would highly recommend this program!

Nicole K

I’m a stay at home mom, and my child stayed home with me until this year, when he entered into the 4’s class at CHUP. I was a ball of nerves thinking of leaving my child with someone I didn’t know, when he had only previously been babysat by his grandparents. This quickly settled when I saw the positive impact CHUP had on my child. The CHUP experience is a unique one and I believe it has made so many positive changes and has had a great impact on my son. The teachers and the parents are such wonderful and nurturing people, who treat your child as if it’s their own. My only regret was not sending him last year!


As a mom of a child who graduated from CHUP Preschool I cannot express how happy I was with our experience. CHUP is an extremely welcoming environment for not just the student but for the whole family. I was humbled by the relationships build with the other families. I loved the stress-free learn through play method used to teach. My daughter entered the young five’s program with the social and academic tools necessary to succeed. My second child is now in the program and it is bittersweet watching him develop and grow.

CHUP Parent

We are so pleased with this fun and creative introduction to school. The teachers are wonderful and the community of the school is strong. Being able to work in the classroom once a month is a great experience for me as well. I love seeing our little guy in action to see how much he’s growing in his interactions with his classmates and teacher over the course of this year. Would recommend CHUP to any family who wants to invest in a great start to school!

A parent

What a great school! The teachers are wonderful and my daughter has really blossomed in the past two years. She also has great friends to play with over the summer.

CHUP Parent

CHUP Preschool offers a wonderful learning enviornment for children. The teachers Margaret Hadley and Lois Gueli are wonderful! All 3 of my children have attended CHUP and I feel that this Preschool gave them a steady foundation to build upon. I would recommend this school to all parents with children ready to enter Preschool. N.H- Dearborn Heights

A Parent

CHUP preschool has been amazing for our daughter. This is our second year there and we will be back with our youngest child as well. The teachers are outstanding at what they do. I love being a co-op mom and helping out in the classroom. It’s important to spend that time with your child. A great foundation start to their education. I would highly recommend CHUP to any parent. Even if you don’t live close to the school, it’s worth the drive.

A Very Pleased parent

We have been so impressed with the quality of experiences both we and our son are experiencing through CHUP.  The teachers are wonderful at prioritizing the growth of the children, while supporting parents.  We’ve seen our son grow in leaps and bounds, and feel more confident as parents, too.  As a teacher myself, the focus on discovery-based learning is a big reason we chose CHUP and we have not been disappointed.  Can’t wait for all our kids to experience this wonderful learning community!