Bethany C.

My family absolutely loved Chup. The teachers were warm and kind, the families were inclusive and supportive and the atmosphere around the school was very positive. There are a million wonderful stories I could share about our experience with Chup, but the most impactful is the love of learning they inspired in my children. Chup preschool felt like home to my family. My children were confident when they went to school each day knowing they were with people who cared for them. They loved to play and learn and sing with their friends, discover new things with the help and guidance of the teachers and parents. When it came time for them to enter Kindergarten, my children were never afraid of the first day. They knew school was a fun and safe place for them and they were eager to get to school and begin the next step in their educational journey. Chup prepared my children well to enter elementary school, my children were both placed in advanced reading and math groups upon entering kindergarten and have been very successful in their educational development.