Meet Our Executive Board

2019-2020 CHUP Board

We are so thankful for parents who volunteer their time, talents and resources to ensuring our school runs smoothly.  While this can be said of all co-op parents, it is especially true for our Executive Board Members.  Meet the wonderful team who will be leading us this year.  Contact them with any questions or concerns.

Tom Endlein – President                                          

Hanan Saab Newman – 2nd Vice President     

Hello, my name is Hanan Saab Newman and I am the 2nd VP of Enrollment here at CHUP.  My daughter, Samantha, will be in the 3’s class this fall.  This is my 2nd year on the CHUP board.  My son, Vinci, just completed his two years at CHUP.  I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a plumbing contractor with Henry Ford Health Systems.  We enjoy being outdoors and staying as busy as we can.  We have found CHUP to be a wonderful entry into school, allowing both us and the kids to settle into new routines within a wonderful, supportive community.

Praveena Mohan – Treasurer                                

My name is Praveena Meena Kumari and I am the treasurer at CHUP. My daughter, Dwaitha Sai is in 3’s class. My older daughter, Deuthi Sai who is 6 years old did her 3’s and 4’s class at CHUP. My husband Balamurugan Gnanakumar is an Engineer who works for FORD through COGNIZANT. I am an Engineer (Electronics and Communication). I have also done my Masters in Business Administration (Human Resource Management). CHUP is more like an extended family for us. We have made lot of friends for life at CHUP. We have totally loved the CHUP ambiance and the whole experience here. We get to participate and observe our children growing and learning in a play-oriented way. If you would love to be able to actively participate in your child’s education and make some nice friends too, CHUP is the right place!

Iswarya Ponnuswamy- Assistant Treasurer

My name is Iswarya, and this will be my first time as one of the board members at CHUP and I’m excited to fulfill my job duties as an Assistant Treasurer for the school year 2019-2020. My husband is Karthikeyan, and he is working as a Software Engineer. CHUP ensures the children learn and grow in a wonderful environment. My twin daughters Priti and Smiti completed their 3’s program at CHUP past year 2018-2019. Mrs.Hadley’s kind and caring nature has made them confident and experience school/learning in a positive way. They are looking forward to joining 4’s class with Ms.Beth to build on the experience and create cherished educational memories at CHUP.

Corresponding Secretary                              

Megan Lynch-Bazzi- Recording Secretary   

My name is Megan, and I am participating in CHUP for the third year and second child. I have three children and I work part-time as a nurse.  I love the Co-op philosophy! I get to participate and observe my children growing and learning in a play-oriented way. We have wonderful teachers who are both educators, as well as friends with a vested interest in our children’s well-being. If you would love to be able to actively participate in your child’s education, and make some nice friends too, CHUP is the place!

Simon Cox- Parent/Teacher Liaison                          

Sarah Endlein- Fundraising Chair                    

Jessica Belknap- Publicity                                       

Hello, my name Jessica and this is my second year serving on the board. This will be my son Julian’s third year at CHUP. He absolutely loved being in both Mrs. Hadley and Ms. Beth’s class and still asks daily (it’s summer) if he has school tomorrow. Julian has a little brother, Noah, who is three and a sister named Aubrey who is 4 months.. I am a former Kindergarten Teacher but I’m currently a stay-at-home mom. My husband, Jeff, is a Security Information Engineer. We love the community here at CHUP and how happy it makes our son. I am looking forward to a great year ahead!

Krista Morabito- Health Chair                                    

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