Meet Our Executive Board

2018-2019 CHUP Board

We are so thankful for parents who volunteer their time, talents and resources to ensuring our school runs smoothly.  While this can be said of all co-op parents, it is especially true for our Executive Board Members.  Meet the wonderful team who will be leading us this year.  Contact them with any questions or concerns.

Erin Bauer – President                                            

My name is Erin, and I am excited to be the board president this year at CHUP. After leaving the education field after 11 years to raise children of my own, I was so excited to get back into the school setting with my 4 year old son, Noah, last year.  This year, my 3 year old son, Jonah, will also be heading to CHUP! My husband, Tom, a software developer and IT manager, and I love the play-to-learn philosophy at CHUP, and that we get to be a part of our boys’ learning.  CHUP has such a wonderful, loving environment.  Each time I leave my boys I know they are not only learning, but are in loving, capable hands!

 1st Vice President                                                  



Hanan Saab Newman – 2nd Vice President     

Hello, my name is Hanan Saab Newman and I am the 2nd VP of Enrollment here at CHUP.  My daughter, Samantha, will be in the 3’s class this fall.  This is my 2nd year on the CHUP board.  My son, Vinci, just completed his two years at CHUP.  I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a plumbing contractor with Henry Ford Health Systems.  We enjoy being outdoors and staying as busy as we can.  We have found CHUP to be a wonderful entry into school, allowing both us and the kids to settle into new routines within a wonderful, supportive community.

Sandra Miller – Treasurer                                               

My name is Sandra and this is my second year serving as Treasurer on the CHUP Board. My history with CHUP began in the 1970s as a CHUPer myself! My daughter, Emily, will be 5 in November. This is her third year at CHUP, second year in the 4s class. I also have a son, Owen, entering 8th grade at Bryant Middle School. My husband, Chris, is an Environmental Engineer who works from home but travels frequently. And I work part-time from home as a Compensation Analyst. We have loved our CHUP co-op experience with its wonderful teachers and families. I look forward to serving on the Board and meeting all our new members this year.


Krista Morabito- Assistant Treasurer        

Hello, my name is Krista and I am the Assistant Treasurer for CHUP. This is my second
year in the position. My daughter Fiona is a proud graduate of CHUP. My son Max is
starting his preschool career in Mrs. Hadley’s class this fall. I’m looking forward to
sharing this wonderful experience with him as a student this time around. I am a nurse at Oakwood and a student at Wayne State and my husband is an Engineer. Welcome to the CHUP community!


Erika Stanis- Corresponding Secretary               

My name is Erika Stanis, I am the Corresponding Secretary for the 3rd time this school year. Wife to my High School sweetheart Dan and stay at home Mama to 4 amazing, spirited, wonderful, spunky and beautiful children! Izabella is 12 in 7th grade, Michael is 9 in 3rd grade, Maximus is 6 in 1st grade and Mason is 4 going into his 2nd year here at CHUP. I myself went to a Co-Op Preschool for 2 years and still remember happy moments from that time. I feel so lucky to be a part of an amazing school and team of wonderful parents here at CHUP. I am excited for this school year ahead of us and looking forward to all the new memories with my little man and you all!


Megan Lynch-Bazzi- Recording Secretary   

My name is Megan, and I am participating in CHUP for the second time around. I have three children and a husband. I’m a nurse and my husband is an engineer, and we love the Co-op philosophy! We get to participate and observe our children growing and learning in a play-oriented way. We have wonderful teachers who are both educators as well as friends with a vested interest in our children’s well-being. If you would love to be able to actively participate in your child’s education and make some nice friends too, CHUP is the place!


Parent/Teacher Liaison                                                 



Fundraising Chair                               




Jessica Belknap- Publicity                                              

Hello, my name Jessica and this is my first year serving on the board. This will be my son Julian’s second year at CHUP. He absolutely loved being in Mrs. Hadley’s class and still asks daily (it’s summer) if he has school tomorrow. = ) Julian has a little brother, Noah, who is one. I am a former Kindergarten Teacher but I’m currently a stay-at-home mom. My husband, Jeff, is a Security Information Engineer. We love the community here at CHUP and how happy it makes our son. I am looking forward to a great year ahead!

Courtney Dobry- Health Chair