Meet Our Executive Board

2017-2018 CHUP Board

We are so thankful for parents who volunteer their time, talents and resources to ensuring our school runs smoothly.  While this can be said of all co-op parents, it is especially true for our Executive Board Members.  Meet the wonderful team who will be leading us this year.  Contact them with any questions or concerns.

Anna Henning – President                                            

Hi, I’m Anna!  This is my fourth year involved with CHUP and my third year on the board.  I am excited for my daughter, Bonnie, to begin her time in Ms. Beth’s class.  I’m a mother of three, Griffith (6), Bonnie (4 ) and Freda (1.5).  My husband, Bruce, and I reside in Detroit where we work closely to support our neighborhood church.  I’m a teacher by trade who is lucky enough to work part-time from home for an online high school while we raise our kiddos.  In my free time I enjoy all things crafty.  I look forward to helping CHUP run smoothly this year and getting to know all of you better.

Nicole Barakat – 1st Vice President                     

Welcome to another great year at CHUP.  I am Nicole Barakat and this will be our tenth year at CHUP. My husband, Hany, and I have five children. Sara (13), Ayah (12), Amenah (9), Zack (7) and Ryann (4, who will be in Ms. Beth’s class this year). We are a Muslim family raised in Dearborn. Hany is a realtor for Real Estate Dreams International and I am lucky to be a stay-at-home mom. We like to travel with our children. I’ve held most of the board positions and done most of the jobs at CHUP. This year I will be handling the 1st VP position. I look forward to another year of memories and building lifetime friendships, for my child and myself. Any questions please feel free to come talk to me.

Bethany Calderona – 2nd Vice President                 

Hello, my name is Bethany Caldarona and I am currently the 2nd VP/Enrollment!
My CHUP experience began with my family growing up. All of my family has been enrolled in chup, going back to the late 1970’s. My Daughter (Sophia, age 11) and now my Son (Nick, age 4) have loved every moment of their Co-op experience here. I am a music and theater teaching artist by profession, and have been teaching an exploratory music class for CHUP students for the last year. I hope to continue that into the future! I am excited about my first year on the board and look forward to hearing from everyone about their experiences here at Chup.

Sandra Miller – Treasurer                                               

My name is Sandra and this is my first time serving on the CHUP Board. My history with CHUP began in the 1970s as my sisters and I were former CHUPers. My daughter, Emily, who turns 4 in November, will enjoy a second year of preschool, this year in the 4s AM class, thanks to CHUP’s December cutoff. I also have a son, Owen, entering 7th grade at Bryant Middle School. My husband, Chris, is an Environmental Engineer who works from home but travels frequently. And I work part-time from home as a Compensation Analyst. We have loved our CHUP co-op experience with its wonderful teachers and families. I look forward to this opportunity for being more involved and meeting all our new members this year.


Krista Morabito- Assistant Treasurer        

Hello, my name is Krista and I am the Assistant Treasurer for CHUP. This is my daughter Fiona’s second year at CHUP and my first year on the board. Mrs. Hadley gave Fiona a great introduction to school. Last year Fiona would ask every morning if it was Tuesday or Thursday, since those were CHUP days. Fiona has a brother, Max, who just turned two. We will be welcoming another brother or sister in December. Max is already telling me “I go to CHUP” as he is impatiently waiting to become a CHUP student himself.  I am a nurse at Oakwood and a student at Wayne State University working on my Master in Public Health Nursing. My husband works for Ford as an Engineer. We look forward to this year and many more to come.

Erika Stanis – Corresponding Secretary               

Hello families,

My name is Erika, I am the Corresponding Secretary for CHUP this school year. I have served on the board once before two years ago in the same position. I am a stay at home Mother to four wonderful kiddos, Izabella 11, Michael 8, Maximus 5 and Mason 3. My son Maximus went to CHUP for two years and now my youngest will be starting his CHUP journey this year. I love the CHUP learn through play philosophy with the Co-Op family help. I have made some great friends myself through this wonderful school. I am beyond excited for my little guy to start his schooling experience here at CHUP with the fabulous Mrs. Hadley. I believe we all are in for a FANTASTIC year!

Hanan Saab Newman – Recording Secretary                         

Hi, my name is Hanan and I am the Recording Secretary for CHUP.  This is my first year on the board and our second year at the school.  We have two children, our son Vinci is in the 4’s class and our daughter Samantha just turned two.  My husband, Matthew, is an industrial plumbing and heating contractor and I am a stay at home mom, although we rarely actually stay at home.  We love to be outdoors and travel, especially in northern Michigan.  We value curiosity and the knowledge that comes from it, and that is just one reason why CHUP is a great fit for us.  We are thrilled for another year and have really enjoyed spending some of our first school experiences in this cooperative environment.


Megan Lynch-Bazzi – Parent/Teacher Liaison                

My name is Megan Lynch-Bazzi, wife of Bilal Bazzi and mother to Francesca (4) and Naomi (2).  My husband is an Engineer at Delphi and I am an RN who works contingent for Henry Ford Hospitals. This enables me to be home with our children most of the week. We chose and came to love CHUP because of the classic teaching standards and time-proven methods it uses to help children develop a love of school. It is a very play based program, which uses passive methods to offer opportunities for children to learn, and does not rely on technology-which we really admire in this day and age!  Additionally, as a Co-op our involvement is not only required but encouraged.  This gives us the opportunity to be aware of what goes on in our classroom, and helped Francesca, to become acclimated to school more easily.  Come check us out!

Dawn Schwartz – Fundraising Chair                        

Hello there!  My name is Dawn Schwartz.  This is my first year as a CHUP board member.  My daughter Brooklyn just turned 4 and will be entering her second year at CHUP.  Brooklyn gained so much from her first year and we were absolutely thrilled with how well she adapted to a school environment.  My husband Chris and I have a blended family with a total of 5 children: Valerie (25), Curtis (24), Victoriana (18), Brooklyn (4), and Ella (1).  I work for Kroger in accounting and customer service.  After working in Dearborn Heights for 10 years I was recently transferred to Southgate where I now work for a new team of great people.  My husband Chris stays home with our youngest girls.  We are a very close family and always plan our outings for the seven of us.  I’m looking forward to another great year at CHUP and hope to successfully fulfill my position as fundraising chair!

Jessica Filthaut                                                                   

Hi, my name is Jessica and this is my second year as a CHUP parent, and my first year as a board member.  I have a 4 year old daughter that is very excited to be in Ms. Beth’s class this year after a wonderful introduction to school with Mrs. Hadley last year in the 3’s class.  I also have a 16 year old step daughter, Alyssa.  We reside in Westland where I work part time for a marketing company and my husband, Mark, works full time for a fencing company.  I absolutely love being part of a Co-Op and being able to be a part of my child’s first years in school.  It is a wonderful and caring community that I love being a part of.