Membership in CHUP Co-op Preschool is both a joy and a responsibility.  As we work together, we are shaping both the school and the lives of our children in positive ways.  These documents guide our interactions.

CHUP Constitution

The constitution is what holds our organization together and allows parents and teachers to work together to create a wonderful preschool environment. All parents are required to read and follow our Constitution.

CHUP Constitution

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook gives more details about the day to day running of the classroom.  Learn about schedules, snack procedures, positive behavior management and more.

Parents Handbook

Tuition Payment

We know that sometimes juggling parenthood isn’t easy, that’s why we try to make paying tuition as simple as possible! Payments by check or money order can be placed in our secure tuition drop box. You may also pay online through our Jovial Family Portal. Please email the treasurer or assistant treasure with any questions. Tuition payments are due on the 1st of each month. Late fees are assessed starting on the 7th of the month.

School Calendar

The calendar will continue to be updated throughout the year.  CHUP families will receive updates in their school mailboxes as well as via email.  You can also check here. Please note that CHUP creates their own school calendar each year but we do out best to follow the calendar of Dearborn Public Schools.

Downloadable School Calendar Here

Kroger Rewards

If you are a Kroger shopper, please sign-up for Kroger Rewards. It’s as easy as adding CHUP CO-OPERATIVE PRESCHOOL on your Kroger account. Every time you use your Plus Card CHUP will earn rewards!

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