Our Programs

A positive learning environment is key for supporting children through their first introduction to school.   At CHUP we take great care to provide both a quality setting for learning and curriculum based on research and best practice.

Our Classes

Classes are offered for toddlers, three and four year old children. CHUP follows the Dearborn schools calendar, and in most cases, if the Dearborn schools are closed (snow days, holidays, etc.), CHUP is closed as well.  Since we have a lot of families commuting from out of town, we do have our own snow policy and will sometimes close when Dearborn Public school is not.

Parent-Tot Program

Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. First session runs October through December. Second session runs January through April.

CHUP Preschool offers a wonderful program for toddlers 18 months to 3 years old taught by Mrs. Margaret Hadley. This program allows tots to explore, engage in play, and move to music with a parent/grandparent or other caregiver. 

It is a ten week program starting in October for the first session and January for the second session. 

The class offers free play time, sensory activities, creative art, storytelling, and movement with music. 

Three Year Olds

Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM September through May.

Led by Ms. Beth, the three’s class provides a smooth transition from home to school and an introduction to group activity. The focus is on developing social-emotional skills and helping children develop skills at their own pace through play. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with morning session (3AM) running from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Daily Schedule

  • Group Time (attendance, daily message board, number concepts, weather etc.)
  • Free Play (children choose between activities such as dramatic play, blocks,  dress-up, indoor castle and slide climbers, sensory table, books, puzzles, open ended art materials etc.)
  • Clean-up Time (children are actively encouraged to assist in putting away playthings)
  • Group Time (songs, fingerplays, stories, etc.)
  • Snack (after supervised hand washing)
  • Large Motor Activity (moving to music, using musical instruments, group games etc.)

Four Year Olds

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM. September through May.

Taught by Ms. Beth, this class encourages continued social and emotional development through group participation as children explore the world around them. The typical day for Four’s follows a similar structure to the Three’s class, with additional concepts introduced in literacy, math, Spanish, American Sign Language, science, and the introduction to eating a packed lunch away from home. Every Wednesday the Four’s enjoy “Walkabout Wednesday”, which includes a walk outside and other fun activities. The last Friday of every month is Friday Fun Day, which involves having the entire free play time held outdoors.

Four Year Old Enrichment Program

Mondays & Wednesdays from 12pm to 1:30pm. The class runs October through May.

Tuition for the class is $65 per month (8 payments total). The program can be added to the morning session for a longer day or students can enroll in only the enrichment afternoon session. This group is also led by Ms. Beth. It is intended to offer additional opportunities and time for children to develop their confidence and skills prior to entering Kindergarten.

This class will focus on the following areas:
• Social & Emotional: Identify and express emotions, communicate thoughts and
ideas, follow rules and take turns
• Fine & Gross Motor: Improve pencil grasp, develop scissor skills, boost
dexterity and small muscle strength, enhance overall balance and coordination
• Literacy: Develop phonological skills, enhance phonemic awareness, improve
alphabetic knowledge, increase vocabulary, practice early writing skills
• Mathematics & Science: Count using 1-1 correspondence, find and create patterns,
name and describe basic shapes, identify written numbers, use measuring tools,
classify objects by physical properties, make predictions, observe and draw.

Our Classrooms

Children have access to three rooms of purposeful play, all geared to encourage problem-solving through imaginative play and creation.

The Quiet Room

Stocked with manipulatives, games, puzzles, Legos, a variety of small toys, fish tank and  train table, the Quiet Room invites children to narrate, build, analyze solutions and cooperate with others.

The Active Room

This space provides preschoolers a chance to move and interact with each other while trying out a variety of real world scenarios by providing dress-up clothes, large blocks, city center with a store, play house and climber with a slide.

 The Creative Room

Each day children are invited to participate in a teacher planned and supported art/craft activity. They also have freedom to participate in self-directed exploration of a sensory/sand table, paints, chalkboard and play dough table.  However your child best expresses his or her creativity, they will find ample opportunity to grow in their self expression and small motor skills in the Creative Room.

Learning in the Field

Typically once per month.

Previous field trip destinations have included the apple orchard, petting farm, Dearborn Fire Station, Gymnastics Academy, and bumper bowling.

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