Our Teachers

The teachers are the heart of any preschool experience.  At CHUP, our certified teachers offer a warm and caring environment in which to learn and grow. Both teachers participate in continuing education through the Greater Detroit Cooperative Preschool Teachers’ Association.

Mrs. Beth Wagensomer- 3’s and 4’s Class Teacher

Mrs. Wagensomer, or Ms. Beth as the kids call her, is a well established teacher and has taught both here in Michigan and internationally.   Ms. Beth studied Early Childhood Education and Spanish at Central Michigan University and La Universidad Del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon graduation she joined the Peace Corps as an education volunteer. During her service, she lived and worked in Bolivia, teaching English and early childhood classes in a remote village. Before joining the CHUP family, Ms. Beth spent 7 years teaching for the Head Start program in the downriver community. Ms. Beth and her husband Josh now reside in Allen Park where they enjoy playing board games, gardening and spending time with their four daughters.

A Note from Ms. Beth

I am so excited to embark on another great year at CHUP! I am looking forward to growing as an early childhood educator and learning right alongside my students!

I strongly believe that one of the most important factors in a child’s development is family involvement.  I am delighted to be part of a program that encourages family participation and fosters a sense of community within the school environment. As an alumni of a co-op preschool myself, I am excited to now be part of creating that same type of learning environment I enjoyed as a young child.

Here at CHUP children will be given the opportunity to learn through play and exploration. They will be allowed the freedom to use their imaginations, create, experiment, problem solve and build relationships with their peers. A child’s “work” truly is and always should be PLAY. These experiences will expose children to math, science, literacy and other academic concepts in a meaningful way. The teachers and parents will provide support to allow each child the opportunity to grow, flourish and develop at their own pace.

It is my personal goal that each child leaves our program having developed a true love of learning.  I want them to be active learners who seek out knowledge, take pride in their skills and dream big. I want them to learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them. I hope for them to accept each other and to feel accepted. I want them to learn to work together and help each other. It is my hope that they will learn to express their emotions, thoughts and opinions in a constructive and respectful manner. These social/emotional and problem solving skills are just as important as any academic knowledge they gain. I truly hope that all students gain the confidence needed to take on life’s challenges and that they feel comfortable seeking out guidance when they need it.

In a world where children seem to grow up too fast, I hope to give them a happy, loving place to PLAY and just be little!

Mrs. Staci Frank – Parent-Tot Class Teacher

Mrs. Staci Frank, also known as Mrs. Staci, is new to CHUP Preschool for the 2022-2023 school year.  She has lived in Michigan for 23 years.  She was raised in Missouri and moved to Dearborn with her husband Steve after they were married.  She attended the University of Central Missouri and received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Minor in Child Development.  She earned 12 credit hours in the Reading Specialist program from the University of Michigan.  Staci has been active in the community and her girls’ schools.  She was a Girl Scout leader for many years and loved holding special reading programs for school.  She loves Dearborn and enjoys being at home with her daughters, Maddi and Morgan, her husband Steve and the family’s dogs, Winnie and Maisy.

A Note from Mrs. Frank

CHUP Preschool was a wonderful first experience for my daughters. My family was blessed by the friends we made and still have from our time at CHUP.  I feel so fortunate that CHUP has become full circle for me, from parent to serving on the board to becoming your parent-tot teacher.  

It’s a privilege to work with parents who are dedicated to the beginning stages of their child’s life. For many of the toddlers this class will be their first encounter with other children their age.  We know that children learn through play and exploration.  Toddlers will be exposed to story time, movement through music, art, and age-appropriate toys.  The program will provide a safe learning space for both the toddler and the parent. It is thrilling to observe children using their imaginations through exploring their environment around them.  

My goal is for the parents to leave the class feeling that their child has begun accomplishing their emotional, social and physical needs that are building blocks for a successful start to their growing and learning.

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