A Look Inside Our Classes

Classes are offered for three and four year old children, in both morning and afternoon sessions.  CHUP follows the Dearborn schools calendar, and in most cases, if the Dearborn schools are closed (snow days, holidays, etc.), CHUP is closed as well.

Children have access to three rooms of purposeful play, all geared to encourage problem-solving through imaginative play and creation.

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The Quiet Room

Stocked with manipulatives, games, puzzles, Legos, a variety of small toys, fish tank and  train table, the Quiet Room invites children to narrate, build, analyze solutions and cooperate with others.

The Active Room

This space provides preschoolers a chance to move and interact with each other while trying out a variety of real world scenarios by providing dress-up clothes, large blocks, city center with a store, play house and climber with a slide.

 The Creative Room

Each day children are invited to participate in a teacher directed craft and have freedom to participate in self-directed exploration of a sand table, paints, chalkboard and play dough table.  However your child best expresses his or her creativity, they will find ample opportunity to grow in their self expression and small motor skills in the Creative Room.