CHUP preschool began its first session in the fall of 1967 with forty members. The preschool was formed after the Nursery School Study Commission, headed by Mrs. Gertrude Kearney, completed a survey and determined there was a desire and a need for a preschool.  The Commission recommended, upon completion of the study, that there be established a church-sponsored Parent Cooperative Preschool in which parents organized to implement the program and to assist in supervising the children. Not only would expenses be kept at a minimum, but the required participation of parents would also significantly enhance church family relationships. 

Three of the original forty members, Ellen Brinks, Jane Clippenger, and Clara Moore, had almost single-handedly taken all the necessary steps to start the Preschool, including hiring a teacher, writing a constitution for membership approval, and contacting and enrolling interested families.  Their participation not only enhanced the Preschool but also was rewarding for them and their families.  To quote our first president, Ellen Brinks:

“If you are asked to serve in any capacity this coming year, please give it your prayerful consideration, for I know you will find at the completion of your term, as I have, that this has truly been one of my busiest and most rewarding years.  I feel I have contributed something to my family, my church, my community, and to myself.”