Welcome to CHUP!

At CHUP we believe that education is a family process.

Children and their parents benefit from our cooperative learning environment.  We are a non-profit educational organization designed to provide preschool-age children of all backgrounds with an environment in which they may learn to play well together, acquire good social habits, and be given the opportunity for creative expression through art, music, and play.

Against a backdrop of activity and toys, CHUP offers two classes for preschool children ages three to four years old.  CHUP has three rooms in which each class can explore and play.  Parents learn side by side with their children through involvement in their children’s education. Monthly parent meetings cover topics such as self-esteem, sibling relations, learning development, nutrition, and boundaries while allowing parents to share concerns and ideas.

CHUP is a cooperative organization, which offers many benefits:

  • Direct parental involvement – parents have an active role in how the school is organized and maintained.
  • Children learn in a safe and nurturing environment where they are encouraged at their own level.
  • Lasting friendships are formed among the children, and among their parents as well.
  • Experienced certified teachers.
  • Morning and afternoon classes for children ages three and four.
  • Affordable tuition.