Welcome Back to School Part 4: Why I Love Being a CHUP Mom

Written by a CHUP Mom.

During my parenting journey I’ve been surprised to find that I have grown into a better person through the process of mothering.  I guess you never quite realize just how much you have to give until another life is fully dependent on you.  Turns out there were a lot of untapped resources within me that went undiscovered until I became a mom.

But, the truth is that all of that giving and personal growing and resource tapping is really quite exhausting.  Parenting has it’s marvelous, almost magical, moments for sure, but it has just as many please-just-go-to-bed-and-leave-me-alone moments, too.

Part of why I love being a part of the CHUP family is because it gives me access to other moms and dads who are, like me, in the trenches of raising little people.  When I run through the doors with my teeth barely brushed, a complaining three-year-old and a crying toddler in tow, I don’t have to worry about getting the glares that I would if we were in line at Target.  Instead, I’m met with the reassuring words of a caring teacher, and a group of parents who can truly sympathize because they’ve been there done that sometime within the last couple of weeks.

We all, whether three or thirty or seventy, need places where we feel understood and accepted just as we are.  CHUP is one of those spaces for me as a mom with a preschooler.  It’s amazing how just a few kind words from another parent work to calm my fear that I’m not doing or being enough.  Those I’ve-been-there-before-too moments between parents at meetings or just in the hall at school work wonders.  Having teachers well versed in early childhood development is a huge bonus as well – they know when to offer advice or when to just reassure you that it’s part of a developmental stage.

So, when people ask why I send my kid to preschool at CHUP I do my best to let them know how wonderful the experience has been for my child, but I’d be lying if I left it at that.

Truth is, I need CHUP just as much as he does.

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